Monday, May 27, 2013

Italian Turkey Breast - Deli Favorites Made at Home

We recently relocated for my husband's work and the new area we find ourselves in doesn't have all the choices that dear ol' Chicago did.  I never thought I'd enjoy cooking at home as much as I have, but maybe it's being a first time home owner and cooking in my own kitchen, maybe it's a slower pace of life, or I'm just hankering for some of the old favorites that has me spending more time than ever in the kitchen.

I recently picked up a couple of turkey breasts when I found them on sale for $.99/lb. at the local grocery store - the first real deal I've seen on meat since we moved out here.  Setting aside one to make a traditional turkey dinner, I still had a few left to experiment on and one of my favorite deli sandwiches starts with Italian seasoned turkey breast and I always have on hand all the ingredients to make an Italian flavored....well, anything, so I whipped up a favorite that has my mouth watering just from thinking about it.

Super easy to make, all it takes is a handful of classic ingredients and 5-10 minutes of prep time, pop it in the oven, and a delicious meal is ready to go.

1 C. light Italian salad dressing (free after coupons)
3-4 T. Italian seasoning, your favorite blend or homemade ($.10)
2 T. parmesan ($.10)
3 tsp. house seasoning ($.05) (contains salt, black and white pepper, onion powder, and garlic)
2 T. olive oil ($.10)
1 T. balsamic vinegar ($.15)
2-3 T. white wine, optional ($.10)
6.2 lb. turkey breast ($6.10)
1 tsp. cooking oil ($.05)

Heat oven to 325F.

Whisk together salad dressing, vinegar, and white wine.  Set aside.
Combine house seasoning and Italian seasoning blend.  Dry turkey breast completely with paper towel, then season with seasoning blend.

Place turkey breast skin side up in a baking dish or cast iron casserole dish that has been lightly drizzled with cooking oil.  Drizzle with salad dressing mixture that you made earlier, then drizzle lightly with olive oil.

Bake uncovered at 325F for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Cool 15 minutes before carving.
Cool overnight if you plan to slice thin for sandwiches.  (It's easier to thin slice meat that is fully cooled than meat that is warm or even room temperature).

Cost: $6.75
Yields: 16-18 servings
Cost per serving: $.42

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