Monday, September 5, 2011

Pork Tenderloin Breakfast Sammie

12 slices Sweet and Smoky Tenderloin ($.75)
3 eggs ($.30)
3 slices provolone cheese ($.25)
6 slices whote wheat bread ($.15)
2 T. honey butter ($.25)

Toast bread lightly and spread with honey butter, meanwhile, coat a nonstick pan with cooking spray to fry the eggs. Once the eggs come out of the pan, add the pork and heat through. Top 3 slices of the bread with one fried egg each, one slice of provolone, and 4 slices of pork tenderloin and another slice of buttered bread. Cut in half and serve with fresh fruit.

Yields: 3 sammies
Cost: $1.70
Cost per sammie: $.57


  1. Great idea to use leftover pork tenderloin - more of an elegant (and leaner) breakfast sandwich. Love this idea.

  2. Thanks - I love this light alternative to a greasy breakfast biscuit.

  3. Love this idea - can't wait to try it!