Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies

I'm helping cater a 60th wedding anniversary party for my husband's grandparents. I've been planning my portion of the festivities for the past 3 weeks and here we are, just mere days away from the party (on Saturday). I could not think of a better couple to honor for Valentine's Day than them.

A little history: Rosa and Macario Pesina were married on February 14th, 1951. From that one couple have sprung 5 children, 18 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren, and a legacy that will live with me always. I'm honored and more excited than you can imagine to help celebrate this occasion. Naturally, I volunteered my efforts in the kitchen and that was an offer the family simply could not refuse!

I've roasted 4 pork tenderloins in a savory garlic sauce and have run them through my meat slicer. Yes, I have a small (non-professional grade) meat slicer. It's worth it's weight in gold. But, I digress. The piles of pork tenderloin are too delicious to contemplate right now. I'm so glad I put them in the freezer or I'd be snacking on them. It really is that good.

Today, I was making the cookie dough for Mexican wedding cookies. I couldn't have thought of a more perfect dessert offering than that. Though there will be wedding cake offered, too. After making the first batch of cookies, I thought of a perfect variation (typical me - can't stand to make a simple recipe without doing something to make it personal) especially for Valentines.

I'm so glad I've got the cookie dough chilling in the fridge, because that is a crazy temptation of mine. Why is cookie dough as appealing (or even more so) than baked cookies? I really wish I knew.

Here's the simple recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies:


2 C. butter (or margarine) ($.50)
1 C. granulated sugar ($.20)
3 tsp. almond extract ($.20)
3 tsp. water (free)
4 C. flour ($.25)
1 C. finely chopped nuts (almonds or walnuts) ($1.50)
1 C. powdered sugar ($.20)


1. In a medium bowl, cream the butter and sugar. Stir in vanilla and water. Add the flour and nuts, mix until blended. Cover and chill for 3 hours.

2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

3. Shape dough into small balls. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 13 to15 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove from pan to cool on wire racks. When cookies are cool enough to handle, roll in confectioners' sugar twice. Place cookies in an airtight container and hide the container from those who seek to devour your goodies.

Yields = 5 dozen
Cost: $2.85
Cost per cookie: $.05

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