Wednesday, January 5, 2011

EggNog French Toast

I was looking for ideas on how to use up some leftover eggnog from the holidays - and since breakfast for dinner is always such a big hit in my house, I thought....EggNog French Toast. Since I have an extra loaf of break on hand - this is going to become tonight's dinner!

1/3 C. eggnog ($.15)
2 eggs ($.20)
1 T. brown sugar ($.05)
1/4 tsp. nutmeg ($.05)
1/8 tsp. vanilla ($.05)
8-10 slices bread ($.15)

Whisk together eggnog, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla. Dip bread into egg mixture on both sides, then fry on a wel-greased, nonstick skillet or griddle pan over medium high heat, turning over after 1-2 minutes. Fry evenly on both sides until
bread is golden brown.

Serve with cut-up fruit, sausages, and juice.
Yield = 3 servings
Cost: $.65
Cost per serving: $.22

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