Monday, September 20, 2010

Chicken Sausage & Peppers

An easy meal to grill, this twist on the classic sausage and peppers is just as easy on the wallet but much leaner - and has lots of bright, colorful veggies to fill you up. Look for chicken sausage - usually right alongside pork sausage in most grocery stores. I used Hillshire Farms Hardwood smoked chicken sausage, but your favorite brand and variety will do nicely in this recipe.

1 lb. HillShire Farms Hardwood Smoked Chicken Sausage (free after coupons)
2 red bell peppers ($.35 - on sale $.49/lb.!!)
1 yellow bell pepper ($.45)
2 medium onions (I used dry yellow) ($.24)
6 4" firm sub rolls ($1.99)

Cut sausage into 4-6 chunks and grill over a medium-high heat. Since chicken sausage is fully cooked, grill 6-10 minutes (turning over as needed), until heated through and meat has grill marks on each side.

Add whole peppers to grill and grill until they start to blister. Remove from heat and set aside. Cut onions into large rings, grill 4-6 minutes, or until firm but tender and heat through with grill marks on them.

Rub off the skin of the peppers, remove stem and seeds and cut into strips.
Split sausage down the middle, place into sub rolls. Top with peppers and onion rings - serve with your favorite condiments (as desired).

Yields = 6 sammies
Cost: $3.23
Cost per sammie: $.54

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