Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Honey-Lime Chicken Drummies

I am a huge fan of bone-in chicken, particularily the drummies. In my area, I can typically buy drummies for under $.79 per pound, making it a great, budget-friendly staple. This recipe would work equally well with bone-in breasts or wings, if your family prefers white meat. No chicken on hand? Try this with pork chops - an easy way to get more variety out of your meals is by swapping chicken out for pork in a recipe (or vice versa). For chicken, always reduce your marinating time by half is using in a pork-based recipe.

I'm excited about the bright, bold flavors of this dish - I love the tangy bite of lime paired with the smooth sweetness of the honey. With a dash on ancho chile powder for some heat and a bit of kick, this is sure to be a favorite for kids and adults.

With many of the ingredients of this dish on sale now, I'll be working this into next week's meal plan. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

juice and zest of 2 limes ($.10)
3 T. honey ($.25)
3 T. soy sauce ($.15)
1/2 tsp. ancho chile powder (you can use regular chile powder or paprika if you don't have ancho) ($.10)
1 T. chopped scallions, optional ($.35)
8-10 chicken drummies, bone in ($2.20)

Whisk together juice and zest of limes, honey, soy sauce, and ancho chile powder. Pour half of this over chicken and marinate for 1 hour. Reserve the other half of the marinade.

Remove chicken from marinade, and grill over medium heat (or pan fry over medium heat) for 4-6 minutes per side, turning over once or twice while cooking. Chicken is done when meat is no longer pink and juices run clear.

Heat remaining half of marinade over medium low, stirring often. Mixture should thicken slightly. Cook over low for 5-8 minutes.

Pour glaze over chicken, then serve.
Top with scallions, if desired.
Serve with rice, tortillas, stirfry veggies, or with mixed greens salad.

Yields = 4-5 servings
Cost: $3.15
Cost per serving: $.79


  1. Hi!!!! this chicken sounds good!!!
    can you help me...some months ago I have eaten a chicken wings with a caramel sauce, I think was you know some recipes?
    I think we are quite close...I live in Rockford!!!! bye

  2. Hmmm...I think I can come up with that.