Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch Menu

I've been eager to host a brunch ever since I made my first frittata, not too many moons ago. Mother's Day is giving me just that sort of opportunity - and I'm seizing it with both hands! After some careful consideration, (mostly of what's on sale and how much time I'll have to put it all together), I think I've got my final menu - let me know what you think!

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (will post this recipe tomorrow - have to find it first)

Boston Spinach Salad $3.15

Tea Sandwiches $1.67

Munster and Sausage Frittata $2.62 (will make a double batch)

Hashbrowns $1.80 (will make a double batch)

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones $2.12

Banana Nut Bread $1.83

Grapes ($2.00)
Fresh strawberries ($1.50)
Coffee, tea, juice = $8.00

I've invited: my mother, my mother-in-law, DH's grandmother, 3-4 aunts of DH, and their children/families. The head count of those invited = 19. I'll find out by Thursday how many to expect. My mother-in-law has not committed to attending - she wants to see what else is going on that day. (My interpretation: she's hoping someone has restaurant reservations someplace fancy - and as hard as I try not to take it personally...well, it doesn't happen that way.)

My budget is = $25.00. For everything. Food, paper products, beverages.
With my totals listed above, I'm at $24.69 - right under budget! Let's see if the soup will stay on the menu... If I have fewer people attending, I'll probably make it, but if I have more than 12 people, it'll get scratched from the menu.


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    BTW! We have moved to a new domain...
    See you soon.