Monday, March 8, 2010

Swiss & Mushroom Frittata

6 whole eggs ($.20)
4 egg whites ($.15)
1/3 C. sour cream ($.10)
1/4 C. skim milk ($.10)
salt and pepper ($.10)
3 slices Swiss cheese ($.35)
1/4 lb. fresh mushrooms, sauteed ($.50)
palmful of parmesan ($.15)

In a large mixing bowl, whisk eggs, egg whites, sour cream, milk, and salt & pepper.

In a small nonstick skillet, sautee onion over low, cook until caramelized. Cool 5 minutes.

Grease a pie plate.
Add cheeses and mushrooms to the pie plate, and top with the egg mixture.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes, egg is done when edges are firm and center is no longer runny.

Cut into 8 wedges and serve with toast, fresh fruit, and hashbrowns.

Yields = 4 servings (2 wedges each)
Cost: $1.65 or $.44 per serving

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