Saturday, January 9, 2010

30-Minute Tiramisu

8 oz. light cream cheese, softened
3 C. cold milk, fat free
1 tsp. coffee extract, if desired
2 pkg. (4 oz.) instant vanilla pudding mix
8 oz. whipped topping, light or fat free
48 vanilla wafers (approximately 1 box of vailla wafers)
1 C. strong coffee, cooled
1/2 tsp. almond extract
2 T. shaved chocolate

Beat cream cheese and coffee extract with mixer until creamy. Gradually beat in milk and pudding mixes. Fold in 1 C. whipped topping.

Line the bottom of a 13x9" baking dish with 24 vanilla wafers. Add almond extract to coffee, our half of coffee mixture over the vanilla wafers. Top with half of the poudding mixture and half of the chocolate shavings. Repeat the above steps to make a second layer.

Top with whipped topping.

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